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Why Choose Medicare Planning Partners?

Compliance Program

We help you conduct business in a compliant manner, preventing sales allegations and ensuring your block of business is protected.

Top Contracts

Choose from over 200 insurance carriers nationwide to develop a portfolio to meet your client’s medical and financial needs.

Quoting & Enrollment Tools

Utilize our online quick quoting and enrollment platforms for Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, ACA, and other health plans.

Agency Building Program

Learn how we can help grow your insurance agency with a proven-successful recruitment and development model.

Personal Marketing and Website

Consult with a specialist regarding customizable marketing pieces, websites, technology, and develop your own marketing plan.

Market Forecast Strategy

Work with a business professional to review the forecast in your market with product and develop a strategy unique to your business.

Generate More Leads, Close More Sales, Retain More Business.

Our Impact On Your Business

Agents With Top Commisions


Agents With Compliance Programs


Agents Satisified With Technology


As a leader in the space, we help agents expand their growth opportunities by providing top commissionable contracts. We’ve helped 92% of our agents build a compliance program ensuring they protect their book of business and avoid sales allegations. We have 85% more agents satisfied with the amount of technology we provide them for quoting, enrollment, and agency management.

What Is An FMO?

A Field Marketing Organization, or FMO, is a group or organization that market, sell and distribute various insurance products, such as Annuities, Life Insurance, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements and more. We offer all of those products, but we focus on being a Medicare Advantage FMO.

While the insurance carriers create, register and underwrite the insurance products — the Field Marketing Organization (SMA) distributes and wholesales the products. The arrangement allows the Medicare FMO to offer the highest level of commission possible from a carrier, while allowing the agents to work as independently as possible.

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We can help you reach financial success and ensure you obtain your goals. We know the importance of family and the relationships you cherish, that’s why we’re here to help you maximize your success and minimize your efforts.

Medicare Planning Partners

Award-WINNING SUPPORT from your favorite medicare field marketing organization

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Get Contracted

We offer unique programs for our contracted agents ranging from carrier sponsored leads, retail opportunities, co-op marketing dollars, best-in-class training seminars and more.

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