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We ensure that our agents are notified of the most current rules and regulations, legislation changes, and marketing guidelines. Our goal is to help each of our agents and agencies conduct business in a compliant manner, which not only helps prevent sales allegations but also aids in ensuring their blocks of business are protected. We want to ensure that in the event of an audit, they are fully prepared to respond. Our focus on Medicare Planning Partners of Compliance and Ethics creates the foundation of our Compliance Program. It guides our agents in making ethical and compliance decisions. Our code is grounded in the core values of accountability, compassion, innovation, honesty, and teamwork. We want to change the way agents look at compliance, not as something frightening or overwhelming, but instead as a way to grow and protect your business for years to come. Whether it is Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, ACA plans, or anything in between, we are here to help. 

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