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If you’re tired of being treated like an average insurance  agent by your current FMO, unlock your full potential with Medicare Planning Partners

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Why Choose Medicare Planning Partners?

Generate More Leads, Close More Sales,
Retain More Business


Set up your own agent website to generate even more referrals. Blog and email and updates on Medicare industry trends keep your clients informed, while positioning you as the industry expert.


Agents have access to a wide array of customizable marketing materials, suitable for all available programs. We’ll provide banners, tri-folds, promo material and more to help you put your best foot forward.


We’re invested in your success. MPP is the only FMO that empowers agents to launch further and faster by paying 50% of their marketing budget!

The Benefits of Working With An Insurance FMO / IMO

The best way to receive the highest compensation rate, sales training and marketing tools for your agency, is to partner with an FMO.

Most major carriers won’t work directly with agencies unless they partner with an FMO. In most cases, an FMO can offer health insurance contracts to agencies they wouldn’t otherwise receive due to the high production requirements carriers place on them.

It can be difficult to spend time listening and educating your customers while also focusing on the backend of your business. That’s where Senior Market Advisors comes in.

We are here to help grow your business while taking care of the time-consuming details for you. This will create space for you to focus on making a difference in the lives of your customers.


By partnering with top professionals in the industry, we’re able to open more doors to opportunity for our qualified agents.


We’ve compiled hundreds of hours of in-depth training on the Medicare marketplace. Let us show you the methods and strategies of some of the most successful agents in the business. Available in-person or online.

Get 50% of your marketing budget paid for.

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We offer unique programs for our contracted agents ranging from carrier sponsored leads, retail opportunities, co-op marketing dollars, best-in-class training seminars and more.

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